What is CLC Group?


CLC Group is a blockchain lab focused on developing real-world connected smart contract solutions for a more trustless, efficient and secure future. Our organization consists of experts from a wide range of disciplines, including decentralized software development, business and research, all with the common goal to assist the adoption of smart contracts connected to the real-world.



// For API Providers

Monetize your API on the Chainlink network.


Monetize your API on the Chainlink network by utilizing CLC Group’s external adapters and the Honeycomb marketplace. Honeycomb connects your API to thousands of nodes that feed data to smart contracts, and is going to be the first stop for smart contract developers to look for APIs served by a large number of reliable nodes.


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// For Chainlink Node Operators

Access high-quality APIs through the Honeycomb API marketplace.


Compose a portfolio of authenticated APIs through CLC Group’s Honeycomb API marketplace, maintain your subscriptions and gain access to their external adapters. For payments, Honeycomb introduces a pay-per-call model, which removes the need to purchase expensive annual API keys without a guarantee of demand, and ensures that your nodes stay in the green with every handled data request.


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To prove that you are not creating a Sybil attack risk to the contract owner, you can get your oracle certified by Nodary. Since Nodarizations are limited to one oracle per operator, Nodary provides quality assurance to smart contract developers, guaranteeing that their contracts cannot be tampered with by Sybil attacks.


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// For Smart Contract Developers

Connect to authenticated high-quality oracles with Nodary.


Create Sybil-resistant smart contracts and reduce the risk of foul play (such as oracle collusion) by connecting your smart contracts to Nodarized Chainlink oracles. Operators certified by Nodary are verified to run only one oracle and are required to adhere to best industry practices, improving both contract security and reliability.


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// For Enterprise

Cut costs, create efficiencies and improve security with smart contracts


Get started with connecting your data to blockchain-powered smart contracts by getting in touch with us. CLC Group consults companies from all business sectors in the research, development and deployment of real-world connected smart contract solutions. 


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Team & Advisors


Heikki Vänttinen

Heikki is an experienced entrepreneur, leader and manager with a background in advising and managing multiple projects in the blockchain industry. Excited about decentralization, he has experience working in the DLT space with Zippie and Spacegrade.

Burak Benligiray

Burak has a passion for smart contracts and bringing cutting-edge technology into real-world use. Previously he has worked at start-ups and provided freelance research consultancy in computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Adam Tate
Software Engineer

Adam has a programming background and consults in the IT sector facilitating large scale deployments & infrastructure projects for multiple Fortune500 companies. He is motivated to bring smart contract adoption to every industry and solve unique problems.

André Ogle
Software Engineer

André is a software developer with a life-long love of computers that started when got his first one at age six. With previous experience working as the head developer of many projects in his native South Africa, Andre regards himself as a true technologist at heart.

Dave Connor
VP of Business Development

With a background in conducting research to develop analytics software in advertising, Dave has been applying his passion for research to the blockchain sphere since 2014. In addition to research, Dave also has experience in managerial and client facing roles, and is looking forward to helping shape the future of smart contracts.

Timo Harings
Business Developer

As one of the most active Chainlink community members and a strong proponent of its technology, Timo uses his broad online reach to educate the public on smart contracts and decentralized oracles. With a background in IT, he is experienced in frameworks such as java environments, SAP and CAD.

Daniel Robbins
Business Developer

Daniel has a background in B2B marketing and consultancy work for EI Advisory where he worked for clients including Fujitsu, Standard & Poor’s, EY, Blackberry and Deutsche Bank. He is passionate about spreading awareness of smart contracts as an emerging technology. 

Greg Fette
Business Developer

Greg is an IT consultant in the traditional banking industry with a broad engineering and entrepreneurial background, including work in automation, systems engineering and project management. He is excited about improving the internet of money and enabling web 3.0.

Midhav Ravindran
Business Developer

An electronics and communication engineer, Midhav has previously worked with Ironwood Research Group writing fundamental and technical analyses of projects in the blockchain space. Through his interest in futurology, he is excited for the fourth industrial revolution, powered by smart contracts.

Avi Kaner
Community Manager

Avi is an experienced FinTech CRM specialist and community manager. He is excited to implement his keen interest in DLT and experience with community management and client support to usher in the upcoming fourth industrial revolution.

Erich Dylus
Legal Advisor

Erich is an asset finance associate attorney who has been interested in smart contracts ever since stumbling across Nick Szabo’s blog and the Ethereum whitepaper. Working in aviation finance and other asset finance law, as well as securitizations, he believes his work will be highly impacted by smart contracts.