CLC Group Shares


We are doing a presale for our equity-based security tokens, which starts on May 1st 2019 16:00 GMT and goes on for two months. Contributors will be able to purchase placeholder tokens (ERC20, ticker: CLCG), which will be swapped with security tokens (CLC Group Shares) created in the tokenization of CLC Group equity planned for Q1 2020.


CLC Group Shares will represent equity ownership in CLC Group and all of its projects, including Honeycomb API marketplace and oracle listing service, and Nodary oracle certification service. We aim to afford CLC Group shareholders all the customary rights and privileges of common shareholders, including company ownership, voting rights and quarterly dividends to the degree of 25% of all CLC Group profits.


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Presale Details

A total of 100,000 CLCG will be generated in the presale, which will be swapped 1 : 1 with an equal number of security tokens created in the tokenization of CLC Group equity. The 100,000 CLCG distributed in the presale reflect 10% equity ownership in CLC Group.


The token sale will be done with a smart contract in a completely trustless manner. See our contract here.


Presale hard cap is 4000 ETH. The contract will stop accepting contributions once this limit is reached.


Presale soft cap is 2000 ETH. If the amount raised is below this limit at the end of two months, the contract will refund contributions.


Minimum contribution limit is 0.04 ETH.


You need to be whitelisted to contribute. Unfortunately, we cannot accept presale participation by citizens of the United States due to SEC regulations.

Sign up for Presale Whitelist

Instructions for Contribution

  • Fill the above form to get whitelisted.
  • Submit your KYC documents
  • Await confirmation by email that you are whitelisted
  • Using your whitelisted Ethereum address, send the desired amount to the token sale address below
  • Note: When sending ETH to the token sale address, set gas limit to 200,000

Token Sale Address



Please note that you need to be whitelisted and KYCd to take part in the sale. If your Ethereum address is not whitelisted, the contribution will be denied and the transaction will be refunded back to the sender address (minus the gas fee).

Token sale schedule & distribution


CLC Group Shares will be released to the public in two separate offerings:


1. The Presale starts on May 1st (16:00 GMT) and ends on July 1st 2019. In the presale 100,000 placeholder tokens are sold, representing 10% of CLC Group equity.


2. The Security Token Offering is currently planned to take place in Q1 2020. Through the STO we will offer another 20% of our equity for public sale.


The total percentage of equity offered in the two token sales translates to 30% ownership in CLC Group OÜ (Estonia company registry nr. 14698493). 


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